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  • I’m in Estonia this week. #
  • Во дворе стоит мужик и выбивает пыль из ковра #эстония #
  • Sky plus FM на порядок лучше нюрнбергских радио #эстония #
  • Продуктовый магазин лучше, чем в Чехии: есть заменитель сахара :). Но молоко 3.5, 2.5 или 0.05%, а 1.5% нет #эстония #
  • Looking at 女 in 好 and wondering what cultural consequences it has. It’s like “red” and “beauty” sharing the same root in russian. #
  • Мне как фанату ф. Salomon не мог не понравиться магазин Rademar. Найти бы такое же в Нбг. Sportscheck не предлагать. #эстония #
  • Are helpful and useful formal organization structures? #
  • @weiss_heiko Your post violates coding style (use descriptive names for variables) :) in reply to weiss_heiko #
  • @weiss_heiko Yeah, I’m still in Tartu. It seems to be optimal place to work for customers in Bucharest, Hamburg and Munich :) in reply to weiss_heiko #
  • An interesting experiment, feasible only in todays singularity times: (via @rands) #
  • It seems to me other people can hold experiments taking several months long. I can’t, I need an immediate feedback. #
  • @weiss_heiko oooh, come on, Estonia is not THAT far to the north :) in reply to weiss_heiko #
  • Force me to fill a useless document once, and I will not trust you anymore. Life’s to short for that. #
  • If you want my feedback, convince me that you can and will do something reasonable with it. #
  • Turnable chair arm rests are ingenious. #
  • Software industry crisis is proportional to the number of competing data query and processing languages (SQL, XSLT, Linq,…) #
  • SL RenderTransform gotcha: ScaleTransform will also scale the distance of TranslateTransform, when applied afterwards. #
  • Wolframalpha – too fantastic to be real (via @umputun) #
  • Software product is the point where business idea touches technology. #
  • Preparing to leave Tartu for Tallinn. #
  • Wi-Fi с выходом в интернет в обычном рейсовом автобусе – это все-таки чертовски приятно #эстония #

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