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  • бесплатный Wi-Fi в аэропорте – это тоже приятно. В Мюнхене вот даже платного нет. #эстония #
  • Cool. Mein ICE aus München hatte 80 Minuten Verspätung. Ich werd jetzt mit ganzen 10 Euro entschädigt. #
  • They say there is a neglible difference in software quality of distributed vs. colocated teams: #
  • RT @rands Last Day Dream: I bet everybody will want to watch it twice. #
  • Participated in yet another lose/lose negotiation. #
  • What’s new in ASP.NET 4.0 Beta 1 #
  • It is over 20 centigrades at day to fuel the sun, and around 13 centigrades at night, to breath the air. #best-weather-ever #
  • Don’t understand people sitting in the same office but using IM to chat. #
  • A document-oriented process will never lead to a successful web project. Unless it is about HTML documents. #
  • Wow, Windows Vista Media Center unterstützt jetzt Silverlight, zumindest für Netflix ( #
  • Serviced my bike chain yesterday, with my hands dirty up to elbows. We need bike chains based on force fields ASAP #need-future-now #

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