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  • What a weak move, Microsoft. Windows 8 upgrade should have been for free for Windows 7 and Vista users. #
  • @eldarmurtazin Oppo is not the first cool looking Chinese phone. Xiaomi was before. #
  • I liked a @YouTube video 王若琳 – Adult Crap #
  • 分享一首来自虾米网的歌曲:Yesterday #
  • What the hell is happening lately? RT @CrackMeIfYouCan: Large gaming site in Germany hacked. Hashes and emails leaked. Over 7 million. #
  • Happy! This was one of the most exciting "first weeks on a new job" I've ever experienced (p < 0.0025). #
  • Google seems to be not yet aware of necessity for technical evangelists #
  • 我很喜欢看外国人写的,因为我每个汉子都看得懂 :) RT @isaac RT @iheartbeijing: 中文太复杂,但是我都已经爱上这个语言,怎么办?#传媒大学 #
  • Just posted a photo #
  • Stalin invented them 80 years earlier. Google for sharashka @verge: Big dreams and tiny spaces inside 'hacker hostels' #
  • @bobuk То, что ты описал, это DeafObject, а не nil. nil честно кидает Exception при вызове любого метода. #radiot #
  • Грей жжот!!! #radiot #
  • Ура, GoldEd возродился в виде markdown #radiot #

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