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  • The best fans of the championship so far #
  • Gib mir eine Chance #
  • OMG! Look at the price! #
  • This guy is also pissed off by unwriten rules of "open source", and from now on writes them explicitely down :) #
  • Can you believe that iPhone is ONLY 5 years old? #
  • Android Jellybean Camera UI is pretty cool! A slight "borrowing" from WP7 though :) #
  • Jellybean notifications are REALLY AWESOME!!! #
  • OMG, why nobody from the live publicum is EXITED about the notifications? Have I already said it is a game-changer awesome idea? #googleio #
  • Google Now! A little creepy for paranoics, but another crazy game-changer! Wow! #
  • Want. Android. Jelly. Bean. Right. Now. #
  • @eldarmurtazin YYEEEESSS! #
  • Movies and TV shows in Google Play are only in US??? #io12 #
  • Wow! Compass mode in Google Maps! #io12 #
  • While Microsoft and Apple are talking about game possibilities, Google shows amazing games off! #io12 #
  • Google is releasing its own xbox, called nexus q :) #io12 #
  • Google has changed itself significantly. Very strong! #io12 #
  • Updating my Google+ app… #io12 #
  • GOOGLE!!!!! #io12 #
  • Google is true to its principles. Ability to instantly photograph your baby from your point of view it not just a feature, it is more #io12 #
  • The only bummer is that so many of these things are available only in the US #io12 #
  • Nexus 7 looks just like my HTC Flyer. Only quicker. #
  • I think Nexus Q is an intermittent product to compensate for the slow start of Google TV. Why having yet another box in the living room? #
  • Did you know there is such thing as Google+ Ripples? It looks cool, but VERY hidden. I had to use help page to find it. #
  • Suddenly found integration between Android YouTube App and YouTube TV: #
  • I liked a @YouTube video Макс Фадеев Беги по небу #
  • When you watch movies, you need a black bezel. When you read books, you need a white bezel. Why tablets don't variate its color? #
  • Industrial design in iOS UI :) I wonder if there is already an iOS physics engine for folding different materials. #

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