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  • Adding a printer to W7. The manufacturer's "Downloads" page states: no download here, just use the system driver. #Plug-n-Play #W7 #
  • @HolgerSchmidt Telekom sollte sich endlich mit 100mbit Internet beschäftigen. Will haben, bietet hier aber niemand an. in reply to HolgerSchmidt #
  • W7 taskbar and window gestures are addictive, can't use my Vista any more. #
  • @XaocCPS I think Google doesn't even have know-how and culture of how to fight a strong competitor. They didn't need it before Bing. in reply to XaocCPS #
  • Awesome! RT @conceptdev: Gym/shower 'air side' at int'l airport is an awesome idea for transiting. Thanks KL for making the stopover fun #
  • @conceptdev I also dream of gym cars instead of restaurant cars in the long-distance and intercity trains. in reply to conceptdev #
  • Got my first twitter SPAM 29m ago. Do we already need to worry about a twitter spam filter?.. #
  • Statistics visualization seems to be interesting (because creative), but also labor-intensive activity. #
  • SmoothStreaming on thinks my Celeron can only play the 350kpbs bitrate :( #need-hw-accelerated-decoding-in-SL-now ! #
  • Too bad when "Agile" is used synonymously to "chaotic". Agile was born as a step FROM Chaos to Process, and not vice verse. #
  • Habt ihr gewusst, dass man ein Buch aus bei wieder findet, indem man in der Adresse .com mit .de austauscht? #
  • Sudden realization: we @axinom develop both widgets and gadgets. IE8-accelerators and slices. MSN agents. Apps for MediaCenter… #
  • …Facebook apps. Mobile apps. Virtual Earth apps. Server-side apps. Client-side apps. Native Windows apps… What's next? #
  • Proud of how many words I already can recognize in Unfortunately not enough to grasp 这个 topic. 这个 这个 这个 :) #
  • Can I have IE8 accelerators in Windows Live Mail and everywhere in Microsoft Office please? #
  • Curious what this WHAM song everyone is hating is all about, looked it up on youtube. Now it sticks. #curiosity-killed-the-cat #

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