Presenting Luck

I don’t like to receive good wishes, and I wish them myself only when no other present is possible or appropriate. It is because I feel how empty the wishes are. Can a good wish change the reality?

What I need is a way to present luck in a more realistic, material way.

Money don’t buy you luck, as we all know. And a long-awaited present can only make you happy for some time, but not bring the other things we normally wish (health, love, good job, etc). So it must be something different.

I was looking to amulets, but they always seeming to be a big scam. Today I’ve realized why. If they worked, they would break the conservation law. Just like in physics, energy can be neither created nor destroyed, but only changed from one form into another — similarly, I believe, luck cannot be created or destroyed, it just goes from one person to another.

So what I need is a way to give away little controlled pieces of my own luck. You know, 24 hours of “looking competent and professional”, a six-smiles-pack, or a three months subscription to “warm feet and hands”. And I’d put some really-good-mornings, heartthrobs, and look-mom-I’m-on-TVs onto my wish-list :)

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