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  • Looking at picture of 5 different tonal levels in Cantonese. Good: they use only 9 tones of 25 mathematically possible. Bad: I can’t sing. #
  • Now I know why Mandarin is recommended for beginners. There, they have only two levels and 4 tones. How easy is that… #
  • hr sendete gerade faszinierende Eröffnungsshow der Internationalen Turnfest in FFM. Ich liebe Feuerwerke! #
  • The word for technology 技术 has a common part with the word wushu 武术, and it means “skill”. #
  • Thanks for following, “Jobs in Hong Kong”, but I don’t plan to move to HK at the moment :) In the future may be, you never know… #
  • Tried on Dostoyevski to German (usable) and English (amazingly good). @ckluis Check out this translator… #
  • On my way to the office, I’ve found a pin of this kind, sitting in the front tire. The tire is OK. #kevlar #schwalbe #
  • Entity Framework visual designer isn’t usable with views, it assigns random fields to be PKs. Editing XML mapping file works though. #
  • fridental. Jetzt auch in steereo: #
  • Also ich bin tierlieb und so, aber DAS hier… #
  • Ts, ts, ts. Im Hinterhof leben zwei Elster, ein Amsel und ein Paar Blaumeisen. Aber die Mücken wachsen trotzdem 2cm groß. #
  • Trying out the new IIS SEO Toolkit beta #
  • Just spent another 4 hours only to find this WCF bug You’d never come to idea it is a framework bug when you have it. #

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