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  • Running around and drinking liters of milk. Have eaten a small Habanero Chili. With stem and seeds. #
  • Fresh Habaneros taste strange and juicy… in the first two seconds, before the PAIN comes. #
  • @bobuk Гениально. Получился измеритель белого шума в сигнале фолловеров. 44 очень похоже на правду. А можно график от времени? in reply to bobuk #
  • @janapur Yep. Allerdings gibt’s bei mir auch welche, die absitzen mussten. Einer wurde gar vergewaltigt und getötet. Früher != besser :) in reply to janapur #
  • Any ideas what to do with the remaining 10 Habaneros in my fridge? #
  • RT @HolgerSchmidt: The future of #Twitter: Project management? (via @Twitter_Tips) #
  • I like to write 这 and 友, they have a smooth flying feeling. 德 and 零 are the opposite – you have to be patient to write them correctly :) #
  • @Boston_Police is awesome: via: @rands #
  • Russian labor law: working day duration has to be reduced by roughly 2h for each centigrade above 28 in the office (СанПиН #
  • Looked at Adobe AfterEffects for the first time. Now I know where this sudden love to black in Expression products comes from. #
  • @bobuk Палишься… В фидо были эхи, а не конфы. in reply to bobuk #
  • @Damir Hey, not “soon” please. I’d prefer to arrive at home dry. in reply to Damir #
  • Trying to analyse just two seconds from a yesterday’s smalltalk and unable to come to a definite conclusion. It makes me feel like a fool. #
  • I have people skills #
  • You have to say “Undo check out” instead of “Undo pending changes” to appear old and expert-ish. #
  • Preparing myself mentally to the next two long weeks. #
  • Wow, I didn’t know it is allowed to do HTTPS requests from a HTTP xap, but it is, since Silverlight 2 RTW. #

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