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  • Yay, in 5 years HTML will have a control model. This will be the slowest reinvention of the wheel in the IT history. #
  • (just in case) According to Wikipedia, controls aka GUI Widgets have been invented in 1988. Development of HTML started a year or two later. #
  • The story of renren: #
  • Participating at Probabilistic Graphical Models on @coursera. Cool stuff, and remembering nice forgotten feeling of formal learning. #
  • Interesting to see how Taiwan and Korea are skewed to Android (because of HTC and Samsung), but what about India? #
  • Sony is (or will be) the 3rd major home entertainment player besides Microsoft and Apple. We'll be talking about the rise of Sony soon #
  • 2te nach kostenpflichtige Alternative zum Twitter Und eine Facebook Alternative gibt's ja schon :) #
  • I was looking for such a site for so long, thank you @bobuk #
  • This very feature as well as the Python-based plugin model were my initial motivation to order Sublime Text 2. #
  • Actually, Sublime Text 2 already had me on text selection area with rounded corners :) Here is another cool feature #
  • Wondering how I've managed to live to my age and only today to learn about Ken Burns… #
  • A software developer must at any time have an exact plan of how he is going to improve (make less bugs, be more productive, etc) #
  • Heute in Fürth #
  • @bobuk в прямом эфире завидует и ревнует к Ксюше. #radiot #

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