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  • Something like this. #
  • @bobuk Еще один сайт, от криворуких для хипстеров? #
  • @bobuk так, т.е. ты не согласен с принципами открытого веба mozilla foundation? Или имеется в виду односторонняя открытость? #
  • Gaokao. A week later, China is still resonating. RT @isaac: Gaokao Madness via @cdt #
  • Baby sunflower #
  • An elaborate analysis of LinkedIn story, via #
  • I feel ashamed of the almost non-existently small emotional impact a typical (web)app UI has comparing to this video. #
  • Anti-utopia authors didn't have enough fantasy to predict it RT @SAI 500 Years Of Angry Birds Are Played Everyday #
  • Agree, putting Windows8 RT on phones would be the only natural way. The other question is if it is technically possible. #

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