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  • On WWDC, Apple will either announce their solution to TV problem, or will make their first step to decline. It is their last chance now. #
  • Yet another chance for everybody to start using a password safe and generator (if not using yet). I'm using KeePass. #LinkedIn #facepalm #
  • Ade, Firma Metz! Alles Gute, Labor-FS und danke für den Fernseher :) #
  • 分享一首来自虾米网的歌曲:My Immortal #
  • Did you know about the git add –patch feature??? #
  • and eHarmony join the epic fail of LinkedIn. Change your passwords ASAP, and never use the same pw on different services. #
  • If your LinkedIn, or eHarmony password is used in any other services, you have to go to each of them and change the password too! #
  • And, if you're thinking about using a password safe, use a trusted one, don't just download any. I'd trust 1password or keepass. #
  • Немецкое телевидение под сильным впечатлением, считает что команда России имеет все шансы пройти как минимум в четвертьфинал. #
  • Yours truly, a slowpoke, just realized one can use HTML/CSS, JavaScript, or XAML, C#, or C++ to develop Win8 Metro apps. Now this is cool. #
  • reacts to the recent and linkedin fuckups, preventively resets all passwords. Start using a password safe TODAY #
  • 离希望到失望不远 #

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