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  • I liked a @YouTube video 王菲 – 假如我是真的 #
  • Holding my breath, this can be based on smalltalk RT Google to launch Dart: new language to replace JavaScript #
  • Microsoft seems to have implemented my internal optimistic scenario and added more. Will download win8 tomorrow. #bldwin #
  • First reactions are so euphoric it looks like a bug shift. Will watch videos and look at those ultrabooks to make my own opinion #bldwin #
  • Join the campagne "WinXP must die" similar to anti-IE6 and write more non-XP-compatible software! Together we can win over IT departments! #
  • 休息还是修习 ? ? #
  • nay, that was the pessimistic scenario RT @BuildWindows8: More on metro style browsing..plug-in free browsing. #
  • Deutsche Telekom hat das ISO mit Win8 lokal zwischengespeichert und schenkt mir jetzt die Download-Geschwindigkeit um 90 Mbps. #
  • WHO CARES? RT @TechCrunch: Did Case-Mate Just Leak The iPhone 5? #

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