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  • Nice typology: #
  • @PatrickMoorhead If the rumored TV set from Apple will have the same content as the iPad, it will be hardly relevant anywhere except US #
  • A very interesting development: the new Explorer showcases a UI equally well usable for touch and mouse @BuildWindows8 #
  • hatte auch den Eindruck, dass Samsungs ziemlich langsam sind. Neustart 30 sekunden! RT @HolgerSchmidt: Smart TV #
  • RT @XaocCPS nice RT @wmpoweruser: Delta Airlines releases a Windows Phone 7 app #
  • Positive dynamic in worker exposure doses at Fukushima: #
  • Other nations would leave their contaminated property around Fukushima forever, just in case. Not Japanese. They stay and plant sunflowers. #
  • Sunflowers extract from soil isotopes and accumulate them in roots and leaves. Japanese scientists also developing other cleanup tech. #

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