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  • 'distinguished' or 'fellow' if you like project work, 'product manager' if you want to have your own 'baby'. @conceptdev #
  • Я думал только у нас iTunes жалок, а у вас в америках рулит. А оказывается ты про альтернативы не знал :) @umputun: Подписался на нетфликс #
  • cool, but one can only hear, not watch?! @TechCrunch: Evoz Lets You Monitor Your Babies From Anywhere In The World #
  • is scared… #
  • In Germany, each tree must apply for a license plate before it is allowed to stay on a roadside #
  • Hehe, in Taiwan they have Minogue, Spears, and a little of Perry, in just sole Jolin Tsai :) #
  • Cant signup to Google+ from an Android handset (bug in a web page). GOOG is the next MSFT, no cross-product coordination? #
  • Amazing: #
  • @bobuk поле справа сделать бы побольше, иначе первое впечатление, что на полную версию попал и рефлекторно хочется скроллить вправо #
  • Oha! 相 and 想 are in fact related! Somehow i've managed to learn them separately w/o understanding the former is part of the latter. #
  • Daily updates on Japanese food and milk contamination levels (scroll all the way down): #
  • Impressive way to teach German: #

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