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  • This tweet is written using messagease, an absolutely crazy keyboard. It reminds me zx spectrum. #
  • @MessagEase crazy cool, but not my default keyboard. I need handwritten chinese recognition, so I use scut. #
  • @MessagEase no, no, I do really mean handwriting. Pinyin is nice, but by far not enough.. #
  • It is 16:38 again. #
  • @MessagEase 7 strokes are part of chinese calligraphy, but my use-case is simpler: I see an unknown word and want to look it up. #
  • @MessagEase pinyin entry doesn't help in this use case, because just by looking at 孤独 you'll have no clue about its pinyin transcription. #
  • @MessagEase but my use case is very specific for chinese learners, so don't bother. #
  • @MessagEase pinyin #
  • @DotNetExpert haha, ich bin heute um 6 aufgestanden, um 1.5h Fitnesstraining zu machen! #
  • Bin in Teddybärhotel. In meinem kleinen Zimmer gibt es exakt 50 Teddybäre. Mir ist nicht unheimlich :) #
  • Korrektur: es sind 58 Bären. #
  • Letzte Ergebnisse der Bärenzählung in meinem Haribo Zimmer: 66. Es gibt viel mehr draußen. #
  • In meiner Familie gibt es einen Teddybär, der schon vier Generationen gesehen hat. #
  • After spending 1h in one hall of the HAM radio fair in Friedrichshafen, discovered 11 more halls. ORZ #
  • The air is boiling here on all frequency channels #
  • Bin auf dem Vortrag über Software Defined Radio. Der Vortragende denkt, dass Moore's Law immer noch gilt 8() #
  • HAM world is different: 100+ people in the room, I'm the only one who twitters. #
  • SDR on iPad / Android is "hot topic for the coming years", but most PC here still run WinXP. Different time planet… #
  • It is mixed feeling to hear about things like quadrature modulation today, after a 14 years break. But I still can grasp the topic. #
  • Leihräder ist eine Demütigung. #

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