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  • With NISA reporting new spike in sea waters, and published TEPCO mid-term plans, Fukushima is far from being safe any time soon. #
  • In Summer, the wind will change, endangering Japan's inland, then Korea, Russia and China. If possible, spend this summer somewhere else. #
  • This damp is responsbile for evacuation outside NPS. Just realized they use 福 for fu in Fukushima. how ironic #
  • The most beautiful a man can see is the loved one being happily pregnant. #
  • water in the unit 2 turbine building already has 75 PBq of Cs-137, and 0.5 PBq adds daily. Chernobyl's total was 85 PBq #
  • Let's hope this water will not leak, neither in Unit 2, not with other three Units. #

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