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  • used to send flowers to China (they deliver worldwide from local flower shops) and was deeply impressed by the service #
  • Even though my address turned out to be invalid, they went an extra mile and asked around, and called all possible phones, and looked up… #
  • …yellow pages to find the recipient. I've absolutely had an impression I've asked a good friend to do me a favor. Unbelievable cool. #
  • Great thought-provoking chinese art by Ai Weiwei: #
  • Ich mag ein YouTube-Video. — Toon Tellegen l The elephant and the snail l de olifant e… #
  • Pushkin weather in F├╝rth: icy cold and sunny. #
  • Cool WP7 profiler demoed. Will we get the same thing for Silverlight for PC?.. #pdc10 #
  • New Azure features give devops back (almost) full control over the servers hosting the apps. Which is a Good Thing. #pdc2010 #
  • Is there a Marketplace for Azure Services? How can an ISV develop and sell their Azure Services? #pdc2010 #azure #
  • Missing announcement about Azure Starter or Student Edition #pdc2010 #

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