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  • Hat schon jemand die BILD Zeitung in 3D gekauft? #
  • @bobuk Traffic jam deadlocks are (theoretically) possible. I wonder if Moscow will be the first city having them in reality. in reply to bobuk #
  • This summer ended before it began… #
  • Learned 台风… Words with already known parts are easiest to learn. Wondering why the 台 in "Taiwan" and "typhoon" is written differently. #
  • Most stupid mistake when designing an App Store? Don't allowing users to pay (easily). #
  • Given how often 'iPhone killer' is being mentioned, one could think the whole journalist guild is dreaming of iPhone demise. #
  • I don't have no iPhone, so I don't need no iPhone killer. #
  • Do I have to install iTunes to try out Apple's Ping? 8-() #radiot #

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