This Week in Twitter

  • Reading chinese is completely different from reading alphabet-based languages. You remember words not by their sound, but by their look. #
  • My chinese progress sofar: can grasp the topic of some twits. #
  • Nice selling trick (to call it a mouse): #
  • Do you also think adding filter and sorting features to the lists destroys usability? iPod and Outlook notwithstanding. #
  • It's like: sorry, I couldn't make the UI really usable, so I'll just throw some filters, just in case you're lost. #
  • Verlockendes Stellenangebot… #
  • How do you know your OOA metaphor is wrong? Important business logic is implemented in the class named InputHelper. #
  • Drafting #
  • I like Fürt #
  • and don't like keyboards missing the h in Fürth #

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