10 Mistakes of Creative Teams

  1. Building a team for a creative task in a situation where one person would do fine.
  2. Expecting absence of flames and philosophical discussions for teams who haven’t been working together, on the same kind of tasks, day to day, for more than a year.
  3. Critisizing work of the other team members in the way so that it can be taken personally.
  4. Not critisizing work of other team members just because of interpersonal relationships.
  5. Inability to question decisions of a boss however wrong they subjectively seem to be.
  6. Inability to discuss topics with a boss without being overly aggressive just because he has the final say.
  7. Involving a decision maker into each and every team-internal communication.
  8. As a decision maker, declaring work finished without asking permission of other team members (it is only possible to cancel or prematurely stop the work by decision, not to finish it).
  9. Giving feedback to each and every small detail; being always opionated; not providing enough free room for others.
  10. Overriding decisions of others / throwing work of others away without an explanation.

And I’m guilty of at least 6 of those…

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