3D now

Yesterday I’ve received the latest issue of “test”, which is a magazine of Stiftung Warentest, German counterpart of “Customer Reports”. One article was quite shocking: they have tested 3D TV devices. 

Wow, we’re really in the 3D era now. So, now I would expect that 3D glasses will appear in mass usage pretty soon and obtain a cult status. I would also expect appearance of 3D street signs, 3D infographics in airports, 3D company name plates, apparel with 3D pictures, 3D wallpapers, and various 3D printed matters. I’m also looking for 3D live performances on stages.

I can also imagine DRM-enabled glasses because 3D-prepared images cannot be enjoyed without glasses.

For now, enjoy 3D fashion: http://www.fashionadexplorer.com/l-ellus-leather–c-denim-ad-campaign–s-2010fw#_

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