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  • Perfect weather to miss somebody #
  • For $106m (the price of On2 and WebM codec) you could pay 106 years of fees for H.264. (translated /via @bobuk) #
  • Erinnert sich nostalgisch an seine Uni-Zeit #
  • Some creative guitar by Carsick Cars: #
  • amazing! Spoiled child, long life, lion, pretty girl, bear, crab, Tang Xuanzang, Sun Wukong, pretty town, hovering eagle #
  • Realized why go clouds. You don't have to specify server hardware so early in the development cycle any more. Provisioning takes minutes. #
  • Swype is magic. Not sure if it is quicker to type with it, but at least its more fun. Waiting for other languages (DE, CN). #
  • CPU load around 16% when playing 720p on Youtube in HTML5 mode using IE9 preview. But framerate is awful. Flash is smoother. #
  • @XaocCPS who cares? :-) in reply to XaocCPS #

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