This Week in Twitter

  • It is damn hard to be strong, if you aren't. #
  • VERY cool multi-touch concept and very cool UX concept: Want it. #
  • Made in China Poor salesgirl, hope she laughed afterwards. #
  • The only drawback of cycling in winter is the cold air. And the wind. And the rain. And the slippery roads. #
  • @MandMX Where can I watch the full movie? in reply to MandMX #
  • Stylish winter clothes is a challenge: they must be warm, and cool. #
  • Found a performance problem of Silverlight DeepZoom in some cases: #
  • It is snowing! :) #
  • Wow, klasse UX und Konzept, bin gespannt wenn es raus ist: #MediaCenter #RecommendationEngine #R├╝ckkanal #

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