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  • If you haven’t discovered the fantastic voice of 王若琳 yet, may be it’s time now. #
  • @Damir Wow, Katharinensteg – das ist ja 200 Meter entfernt von wo ich lebe! in reply to Damir #
  • Silverlight: Setting IsHitTestVisible to true makes the control also invisible for VisualTreeHelper.FindElementsInHostCoordinates. Huh? #
  • SECURITY DISASTER: Thousands of Hotmail passwords posted – (via @OneMicrosoftWay). Check if you’re affected #
  • Tried According to it, Kill Bill 1 is similar to: Kill Bill 2 (duh), Lady Snowblood (good match!), and… Rambo (huh!?) #
  • I know no better symbol of happiness than a child flying a kite. #
  • Interesting mice #
  • @weiss_heiko Ja, und damit sich diese wieder genesen :) in reply to weiss_heiko #
  • This is exactly why I’m a geek: you can see things only God saw before you, and then show them to everyone  via @Damir #
  • seems to be old news, but I wonder why don’t they have a live demo. #

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