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  • is fun. Tried it with "If I make use of the tongues of men and of angels, and have not love, I am like sounding brass" #
  • What a cool gadget #
  • – 22 Centigree and sunny today – not bad for September 23 in Germany #
  • Developing DRM solutions at work, isn't it ironic that the Pirate Party represents my interests best in the current Bundestag elections? #
  • via @XaocCPS: interesting. Sharp has always been my favorite trademark in consumer electronics. #
  • Intel has implemented Smooth Streaming for netbooks #
  • @XaocCPS Yep :) #
  • The dentist couldn't help but laugh out loudly looking at me trying my usual smile after a huge dose of anesthesia #
  • I favorited a YouTube video — X-Ray Dog – "Acts of Courage" #
  • Attack! #
  • Hah! Apple's soft for Windows is naughty evil anyway. I'm glad I don't have iPhone thus don't need to install iTunes. #
  • Вот ведь, а у меня только в первой кружке. А в остальные, значит, недоливают! "…each cup of coffee contains one good idea" via rands #
  • 生日快乐中华人民共和国! #
  • Geek is a sexual orientation ;) RT @weiss_heiko: dear source code … you are so beautiful #
  • I like it, when art makes me to hold my breath #
  • ScrollViewer in Silverlight prevents mouse down events from bubbling up. Dunno why, so I declare it as bug. Workaround: IsTabStop=false. #
  • @mirkohumbert Its insulting the twitter web site doesn't support IE6. It isn't much different from any 90ies site to require a new browser. in reply to mirkohumbert #
  • @mirkohumbert A good thing for corps, but not for people. If people really needed better browsers, why would they stick with IE6? :) in reply to mirkohumbert #
  • @mirkohumbert How come FF is better than IE6? It is slower, needs more RAM, and doesn't use Windows Update. 90% of plugins is crap. Tabs? in reply to mirkohumbert #

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