This Week in Twitter

  • Sure sign of a great blog post are even greater comments: #
  • How to cope with death? #
  • After a pause, tested chinese chars: 65% written correctly, 19% with errors and 16% couldn’t write. Damn 的 just don’t want to be learned. #
  • I didn’t know ISO has standardized codes for representation of human sexes: ISO/IEC 5218:2004 #
  • From all FF 3.5 features, <video/> and geo-location seem to worth checking out. #
  • UPD: FF 3.5 geo-location doesn’t seem to be interesting any more, because it is client-side based, thus fakeable. #
  • Сетевой тетрис по-программистски #
  • I need the same in Photoshop… RT @Damir: Nice trick .. copy+paste following into MS Word: =lorem(2000) #
  • @umputun А эта немецкая мелодия конца 18 века – ожиданно? и #
  • @rands A management or business buzzword that annoys me is: _____________ (mine: “team” instead of a “workgroup”) #

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