This Week in Twitter

  • @Damir, speaking with the voice of S. Adams’ Topper: My bike tour was 5:25h, and 120 km to Bamberg and back. I’m so tired I can’t even twit #
  • Yet another acronym learned: I18N #
  • Nice intro to Opera Unite Unfortunately it is Opera-only. Re-implement that with .NET Service Bus and SL3 OOB? #
  • Layoffs and mergers both in IT and car industry, but no pickets and no worried politicians on TV for IT. Is IT more liberal or just weaker? #
  • Witzig, was man so im russisch-deutschen Wörterbuch findet. Für verletzt sein steht dort gekränkt sein, und für vermissen – sich sehnen #
  • Ich empfehle @Damir bei @tweetranking in den Kategorien #Corporate Twitter. #
  • In SL, if you replace an element you’re using in a visual state animation, the animation won’t work any more. Investigating workarounds… #

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