This Week in Twitter

  • Are we in the middle of a search engine war? I dunno if Google already had this or is it a response to Bing? #
  • In a startup, you first care about the right corner, then about the top corner, and then, about the left corner. #
  • 高兴 “happy” is very symbolic – the first character reminds me wrapping xmas gifts and the second one is like a firework. #
  • The difference between 天 and 夫 is similar to one between O and Q, but is harder to see for an untrained eye. #
  • @bobuk Дизайн скоммуниздили у И не хватает звука, хотя бы секунд 10, понять, это вообще о чем. in reply to bobuk #
  • Google suggests me to learn Hebrew online on a chinese learning page #confused Is it because both China and Israel are in Asia? #
  • RT @Damir: I discovered an another conspiracy theory. The first letters of the months July through November, in order, spell the name JASON. #
  • Funny, some people split business from technology and assign roles in team accordingly. But In IT, everybody is doing business WITH tech! #
  • Done 2nd Habanero after a week of adding small pieces of it into my normal dishes. I wonder what inside of me let me behave so irrationally. #
  • Probably, it is a Habanero version of good old “thou shalt not throw food away” motto. #
  • Hate this new restriction that I don’t see replies of those who I follow to 3rd persons. They were my primary mean to follow new people. #
  • Is there a viable alternative to plain text logging format? I need something with filter support. #
  • Discussing about software design philosophy all the day, trying to code in parallel. #
  • Thought-provoking… RT @Damir: That’s life … Woman who missed fatal Air France flight dies in car crash.. :-/ #
  • Problem? Just follow the process! #

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