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  • Вот этот самый проникновенный: #
  • Some ideas tweaking W7 UI a little bit: #
  • An inspirational content editing UI: This is how a modern RIA CMS should look like. #
  • I never knew HTTP protocol is still evolving. Must hear for every web dev #
  • Thought-provoking teamwork wisdom by @ChristopherAver Enjoy it in small chunks and google up the references. #
  • Resharper cuts //-comments placed for a field definition when cleaning up code. Use ///-comments instead, they stick with the field. #
  • Developing software with love is more fun. Duh! #
  • Upgraded Fiddler to ver and, as always, surprised by the amount of cool and extremely useful new features. #
  • I can’t believe I’m doing this… #
  • Are you going to use the new personalization feature of Google search (don’t know its proper name yet) and if yes, why? #
  • Already discovered new cool Vista Resource Monitor and even cooler W7 Resource Monitor? It can be started from Task Manager. #
  • It isn’t flu. It isn’t flu. It’s a cold I have. Just a cold. I haven’t been in Mexico, so why should it be a flu? No, it’s surely a cold… #
  • Is it asocial when I’m coming into the office with a cold? #
  • Making money is not easy. But it doesn’t mean any working business model has to be respected and/or copied. #
  • In Silverlight, setting TextBlock.Width won’t limit width of the text, if the TextBlock is in a Canvas. Crazy. #
  • @Damir Just checked and there is not a single movie produced in the last year that I would really want to watch. That makes me think :) #

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