Childhood remembered

One of the things done right in the Russian school system is the vacations schedule. The summer vacations are the largest and cover the whole summer; they start in the beginning of June, and end on August 31st. This is almost three months of the best weather in the year. For children it is so long that they feel like eternity, and the most exiting part of them are the first several days. This unforgettable feeling that you finally don’t have to do anything what you don’t want to. These summertime streets and places that belong almost completely to children, because adults are at work. This anticipation of a journey, maybe for a couple of weeks, together with the parents. And the best of it, this feeling that this joy will (almost) never end.

In 2010, Ринат Тимеркаев has made an animated movie about his home city, which is a neighbour city to the city where I was born. The city nature, architecture and overall feeling is very similar and reminds me of my home city, during the Summer vacations. The movie is called “I love you”, and its meant to be “I love you, my home city”. I didn’t quite feel it was a good fit. This year, somebody has mixed the song “Childhood remembered” by Kevin Kern with the movie, and suddenly, it made click for me. Now this is a perfect movie to remember about my summer vacations.

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