Best romantic movie in 2013

Male: Oh snap… Oh shit!!
Female: What!? What!? What?. Sashka, Sashka!

Female: Shit… Such an idiot!
Male: I was waiting until he decides which way to turn…

If you don’t immediately see why is this romantic, consider this:

  • The female (supposedly Sashka’s wife) goes from a calm, sleepy smalltalk into an absolute panik, in just the second, when she hears the tone of her husband voice – even though she can’t recognize the danger immediately. She knows exactly how her husband ticks, and fully trusts his assessment of the situation.
  • After recognizing the danger, she keeps repeating the husband’s name. Not “mama” or just shouting uncontrollably. Again, full trust in the man and his ability to control the situation.
  • The male, seeing the danger of frontal collision with the truck, which at this speed would inevitably mean serious injuries or even death of all car passengers, keeps nevertheless calm and makes an extremely hard but the only right decision – to do nothing and just wait until it is clear what path the truck driver is trying to choose. And then, in the right millisecond, to make right short movement, escaping from the danger.
  • His first words after the situation are directed to his wife: he excuses for the waiting, and therefore for the fear his wife had, by explaining why he had to wait in this situation.

As a man, I find these 20 seconds quite romantic. And I keep asking myself, what would be my own actions in a similar situation.

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