MUSE – an attempt of product priority framework

Steve Jobs said, product management is deciding what not to do.

But how do you decide?

This is the priority framework I’m trying to live today. It works like a Maslow’s pyramid: until the first level is solved, it is not possible or not necessary to solve the second level.

Motivation. People must be motivated to start using the product. If they don’t even see a reason to start using it, nothing else matters.

  • Good marketing or packaging.
  • Product / Market fit.
  • Seducing optic (design for conversion).

Usability. People must be able to use the product, and have fun using it. If they fail to use the product, nothing else matters.

  • It must be not too hard to learn how to use the product.
  • People must understand the product.
  • Any unnecessary task people have to do must be eliminated.
  • If possible, limit the product with the functions that are easy to make easy to use. Or at least start with these features.

Service. This is where the functionality and features come.

  • Not just a function, but a service, solving a user’s problem.
  • Not just a service, but a trusted first-class high-quality service, with a sincere smile, and the good feeling of having made a right choice.

lovE. This is the ultimate dream.

  • People that are attached to your product.
  • People that identify part of themselves with your product.
  • People that not only recommend your product, but start flame wars defending its drawbacks.


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