Clare Maguire

Something is profoundly rotten with the current system of recording labels. How can it be that I’ve learned about Clare Maguire only by coincidence? In my opinion, she belongs to the greatest singers of the world. And still, her first clips force her to play a role not suitable for her, and her first CD album (which I’ve bought from Amazon) is able to produce ear cancer, so bad it is recorded or manufactured (technically).

To give you first impression, below is a sample of her music. Note that the embedded player might show Chinese ads. You cannot skip them, so just be patient. I couldn’t use YouTube, because it neither has the clips for free nor allows me to pay for them.

But my favorite clips so far are those recorded live from the St. Luke’s, because I think this might and should be her own style:

Do not listen the last sample, unless you are OK with having a bluesy mood. It might make you cry, as it had me the first several times I’ve listened to it.

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