The Pope

There has been a lot of negative feedback following the Pope’s resignation. Some would even question his faith or rally for a criminal investigation against him. I know about the exact circumstances only as much as everyone else. But suppose he has always had and still has the full faith… Can you imagine what is happening in his soul right now?

Devoting his whole life learning about God and serving Him.

Progressing in the hierarchy, every time being happy that he can serve God better.

Being electing as the Pope. Everybody congratulated him and told him that God has selected him as one of the very few and special people, as His representation on Earth. Did Ratzinger believed it immediately, or it took some time? How did he speak with God in his personal prayers? Did he asked Him, why me? Was he afraid?

And when he has really believed in being the Pope – isn’t it the highest pressure a man can experience? Doing things right in front of your boss – well, only sometimes tricky. Doing things right in front of the significant other – quite complicated. But doing things right in front of your God!? The highest Lord of everything? And in front of 9 billion of the Earth population!

And finally, the resignation. A decision almost impossible to make in his position. Huge consequences for the Church. But even more dramatic consequences for the human being Joseph Ratzinger. Being selected by God for the special mission, supported by the Church, having the papal infallibility… and failing.

So human, so forgivable, but still, so absolutely shameful and so destructuve for him.

I wish him with all my heart, not to break under this circumstances, but to save his faith, and to be able to handle the situation, eventually. Perhaps, the mission of his life is not how he performed as the Pope. Perhaps, it is about how does he handle his resignation — the most dramatic resignation a human being can do.

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