M$ h8trz

There are three types of Microsoft haters. The first one are those who in every topic would mention how inferior the PC platform and Microsoft products are. The second one are those who are completely ignorant, know nothing about Microsoft technologies, believe they don’t need to know anything about them, and have the attitude living in a world without Microsoft. The third one are quiet, but would suddenly explode and throw liquid shit at a big fan, just because you have sent a ppt or xls to them without thinking again, and their OSS couldn’t open them properly.

But all kinds of them have the following in common:

  • They do believe that hating Microsoft is perfectly normal and common, and everybody’s doing that, and if you’re not doing that you’re suspicious.
  • If you don’t hate Microsoft with them together, they would either think you’re incompetent or they’d think you’ve sold your soul.
  • They don’t know how to use Microsoft software properly: for example, they might be using Windows of versions above W2k without DCs, WSUS or Active Directory, and turning off UAC and working under Administrator account. Or using Outlook without Microsoft Exchange and Office Communicator. Or installing third-party software just because they don’t know about build-in Windows features. But still (or therefore?) they’d believe that the products are bad.

Having been most of my life among the people who were either Microsoft fans, or like myself, would equally hate/love any and every mainstream ecosystem and believing they must know and be able to fully use advantages of each of them, I’m struggling a bit to show any empathy towards the haters.

And unfortunately, I’m finding myself more and more often in situations, where I’m attacking Mac or Linux ecosystems, just to restore my mind balance :(

And yeah, I’m already tired this week. Is it Friday yet?!

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