OMG, it turns out, I’ve almost invented iPad Mini!

I’m re-reading some mails I’ve sent to my friends in the last decade, and this is what I wrote on February 1st, 2004:

To: <undisclosed recepients>
Subject: This is the device I want to have (a personal media companion)

  1. The device must have flash memory in size of 650 Mb with the possibility to attach it to PC via USB; and it should be possible to copy files just like a USB drive.
  2. The possibility to insert compact flash cards to it and to copy photos.
  3. A GPS module, including navigation software and maps.
  4. A GSM module, so that it can be used as a mobile phone.
  5. Headphones and a microphone.
  6. LCD in size of at least 10×15 cm (this is 7 inch diagonal).
  7. Windows CE and a good processor, to be able to listen to MP3, watch DivX, photos, read books as well as receive and sent mail over GPRS.
  8. Battery time: at least 3 hours.
  9. Size in the closed state: 10x15x3 cm, in the opened state: around DIN A4 size.
  10. And it should cost around 300-400€.

What do you think guys, a) is it possible technically at all (size, weight, price)? and b) is it already possible to buy such a device?

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