China playing ever increasing role as economic power and taking ever larger share of mass media topics, it is to be expected that the Chinese language and Chinese sites will appear in the international Internet consciousness. As far as I can tell, so far nobody has really made it, although I believe there are a lot of people who at least have heard about the Taobao and the Baidu, and perhaps much less people have heard about the QQ, RenRen or Xiaomi.

Socialba! is apparently another newcomer trying to go international. As far as my limited Chinese knowledge can help, it is actually meant to be called Social吧!, and can be roughly translated as “Let’s go social” or “Social indeed”. This is just a plugin allowing to post something once on one social network and have it automatically distributed on all other networks.

I’m a big supporter of the idea of federated socal networks (or social meta-network), and such a service could be one possible way to go, but I wouldn’t recommend using that particular site just yet. In particular, its privacy policy is very interesting to read, especially a couple of last paragraphs copied verbatim from Pinterest (why do I know? Because they have overlooked one of two instances of word “Pinterest” in the text). Also, the only contact information about the people behind the site is a google mail address. I’m not saying this site is malicious, but they currently did only a poor job convincing me of the opposite.

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