Push-Pull Tactics


Microsoft: we will equip our tablet PCs with pens so that one can precisely manupulate them. And, we don’t need to re-write our software.
Apple: (quietly scheming)
Google: uhm, what? Tables PCs?


Apple: Hey, we’ve made this amazing revolutionary device, and guess what, you don’t need a pen to use it, just use your fricking fingers!
Google: SHIT (throwing out in the last moment the hardware keyboard from the first Android device)
Microsoft: What!? This is ridiculous! This will never work!


Google: (proudly) We have now billions of different virtual keyboards, including such gems as Swype, SCUT and Messageasy. Enjoy your virtual typing experience!
Microsoft: Hey, look how we have crumpled the eight version of our OS! You can now use fingers when using it! (Well sorta. If somebody will write a Metro app for your task.)
Apple: (quietly scheming)


Apple: Hey, we’ve made this amazing revolutionary pen, now you can interact with your retina device as precisely as possible for a human hand!
Microsoft, Google: WHAT!?

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