My Android anchors

Now, when WP7-based devices are available, I was thinking about buying one. After all, I can easily develop software like a custom twitter client on WP7 without having to learn anything I don’t already know.

The “only” issue with WP7 is that I have a couple of apps on my HTC Hero, which I absolutely need or at least would like to use  in my daily life and which I don’t want to miss on WP7. Here is the whole list (as of today):

  • SCUT gPen – an IME allowing to enter chinese symbols by “painting” them with a finger
  • Swype keyboard IME. It is not that really quicker, but the fun using it works like a drug. You don’t want to switch to normal keyboard once you’ve started to swype. It is like eating without salt and pepper.
  • A tethering app. I’m using EasyTether but would use just any other possibility to avoid paying crazy sums for hotel WiFi.
  • Hanping Chinese Dictionary or an equivalent. At best, the whole info from Yellowbridge should be integrated in the app.
  • MapDroid – a map app, which caches parts of the map locally so that you don’t need to pay crazy sums for GPRS roaming on your weekend trip in the neighbour land.
  • Barcode scanner with Google and Google Shopping interfaces
  • WiFi Analyzer to show surronding WiFi networks graphically, and Antennas, to show surrounding cell base stations graphically
  • A simplest MP3 live streaming client of any kind. I enter an Icecast Url, it plays it. Well, I guess I could write this one myself if it isn’t available yet.
  • Kayak and Ustream clients, just for fun

So, these are all anchors so far, which don’t allow me to switch to WP7. My feature request for the WP7 Marketplace: I would like to be notified per E-Mail, when the WP7 apps with the same or better feature set  will appear there.

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  1. How about write them on your own? Should not be very hard to do. Maybe only tethering app is not easy thing…

    What about WiFi? API provide info from WiFi reciever?

  2. I’d pay you 5€ for the first one. No, I’d rather pay you 15€ for it. If it is easy to do, it should be enough. Deal?

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