Chinese New Year Wishes

February 14 is the first day of the new Chinese year, so this Saturday all Chinese (and also many non-Chinese) in the world will get together with their families to celebrate Chinese New Year (aka Spring Festival, 春节).

In this post, I’ve gathered some traditional (and untraditional) spring festival wishes. By clicking on the links, you can easily send the wish to your beloved ones, parents, children, friends, collegues or actually anybody.

万事如意 all best wishes
心想事成 may your wishes come true
幸福安康 happiness and good health
平安快乐 safety and happiness
一帆风顺 single sail, gentle wind
恭喜发财 prosperious new year
笑口常开 life full of happiness and smiles
工作顺利 job to go smoothly
事业有成 success in all projects
无条件爱 unconditional love
自由 freedom
儿童 children
尊重 respect
理解 understanding
友谊 friendship
欣赏 appreciation

Or, you can see them all. This gallery is powered by, a new beta created by my collegues. The wishes are best viewed with Microsoft Silverlight.  I thank 于海婷 for the wishes and translating.

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