A little more impressions from the Pyronale in Berlin.

This was my first time I saw fireworks live. Well, of course I saw and even did myself the ordinary New Year fireworks. And I’ve also seen some professional fireworks, but from a greater distance.

But this time, I was so close.  And it was WOW. I’ve realized, I was missing a MUST HAVE experience in my life.

I was completely astonished by the huge dimensions and sheer power and energy. Photos and videos lie drastically. No matter how HD they are and how big and crisp your TV set is.

The 52” TV has area of around 1.1 x 0.6 meters, whereas the fireworks were fired from the 400 meters wide area, and went estimated 200 meters high. Which gives a 100,000 times difference.

The dynamic range is also not comparable. While truecolor gives us 256 levels of luminance, a fireworks show can contain all perceivable spectrum, from complete darkness to an almost blinding light explosion.

Not only fireworks live in a huge area, they are also a 3D experience. And more than this, additional senses are also included – the smell of ashes, and the sense of touch, when you feel explosions with the whole body.

Speaking about touching – the sequence I liked the most, which was a part of “My Country” show of the Poland team Surex, was especially touching, because it has successfuly combined uncombinable – the brute force of explosives and fragile and sad, but also epic music.

I must confess I was almost crying watching it, so fascinating it was. Staying there under the fire flowers appearing high above from artificial sparkling stars… Watching fire rains slowly falling down on me… Unbelievable, impossible, god-like.

How should be happy the people who can produce such a show! They are doing something, which is comparable by beautifulness, size and power with nature wonders – with their own hands and under their full control.

Unfortunately, the Pyronale was much more show than a hobby fan convention, as I secretly hoped, so there was no apparent possibility to see or talk with the team members. Who wonders, after all, there was about 60,000 visitors to the show (in two days), so a talk with the creators would be infeasible anyway.

The next large international event will be held in Shanghai on September 30, and the next european season will start next year.

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