Future of Out-of-Browser Experience in Silverlight

According to Mike Harsh, they are looking at the following possible future features of OOB in Silverlight:

  1. Features supporing OOB apps constantly running as a service (“in the tray”), such as a possiblity to change the tray icon dynamically or otherwise show
    a notification to the user. (http://videos.visitmix.com/MIX09/T45F, timecode 56:05)
  2. Drag and Drop, File Associations and Command Line Arguments (same url, timecode 59:02)
  3. Integration with the shell, ie. task bar and Jump lists of Windows 7 and Search (this and following starting from timecode 60:00)
  4. Persistent Download Services (something like BITS)
  5. Integration with HTML
  6. Uninstall OOB apps from the context menu of the app icon.
  7. Perhaps, a possibility to terminate the app programmatically from inside of it
  8. A way to control detaching process (what components will be downloaded during detaching etc)
  9. OOB support for Windows Mobile
  10. Printing support
  11. Database support for isolated storage
  12. Perhaps the possibility to control the look of the window border.

My personal favorites are Download Manager, File Associations and Command Line arguments, and I have nothing else to wish for. Where can I vote for them? :)

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