Essence of a blog

Some people think blogs are electronic diaries, others see them as a publication format.

Both are wrong. Blogs are something in between. They are neither private nor public.

Well, some people use blog engines to push only PR and marketing publications. Yet another write diaries on a blog engine and protect their posts, so nobody or only a few proven closest friends can read them. This only shows the inherent flexibility of the blog data format, but doesn’t correspond to the intention behind the blogging concept.

Successful bloggers publish information that would be otherwise kept private, but doesn’t really need to be.

Historically,  privacy and generally concealment of information arose as a method of controlling others. And having control upon others was linked with power, health, prosperity and other positive things. On the other hand, it is a long known fact, that by giving up some control in some situations, it is possible to achieve substantially better results, and create additional value for both parties. And blogs are one of possible implementation of this idea.

In a blog, you give up some of your privacy. In exchange, you may obtain several different positive effects. You can find friends or even partners all around the globe. You can contribute to various grassroot movements. You can abreact. You can flashmob. You can learn how to write.  And you can obtain care and attention from other people. Blogs are generally an unique space of care.

Everybody cares about himself. Most care about a couple of other people. But only saints care about a large number of unknown people. It is so. Caring about another person in real life is truly time consuming. And, you have to commit to it. “We are responsible for those whom we are tammed”.

In the blogosphere, on the other hand, everything is not binding. You barely know the people whose blogs you read. But because they publish some part of themselves, you recognize them as human beings and like their personalities. So when they need some help, some attention or just a brief moment of support, and you’re in the mood of doing this, you just drop a comment, and, who knows, may be you save hereby their day.

Speaking of the drawbacks… I can be embarassed about things I’ve said some time ago, because of my change over time. I can make a wrong impression on important people. Someone can find my openness indiscreet, inpure or even argue it is a kind of psychological disorder. That’s it, or have I missed anything? :)

Well, guys. I like to blog and it makes me fun.

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