SEO basics

An interesting video about SEO basics.
The most important knowledge:
1) Good SEO: proper page + proper links
2) Proper page:
  • Title tag filled according to the content
  • Description tag filled accordingly
  • Keywords are ignored these days.
  • There is one and only one H1 tag containing page title.
  • To be on the safe side, fill these tags (and other textes in the page) for the customers, not for the robots.

3) Proper links:

  • Use links with keywords (for example
  • Delimit keywords in the link with “-“, not with “_”
  • Urls treated case sensitive by search engines, make sure your links are uniform (better lowercase).
  •, and are different pages for the search engines. If 30% of your inbound links use, 65% and 5% the latter URL, the PageRank “power” of those links is splitted between the 3 Urls, even if they lead to the same page
  • Therefore stick with one version of the homepage url and use it uniformly (prefferredly use the short version, because people tend to type it in their blogs).
  • Inbound links from respectable pages improve the page ranking more than other links. Inbound links from malicious pages penalize the ranking. It is possible to see the figures a search engine has for your page, at least in case of

4) When page is not found, don’t return an error page with HTTP code 200. Don’t return HTTP 404 either. Instead, redirect user to some other meaningful page of the site.

5) Don’t use HTTP 302 for redirects, only 301.

6) Tools:

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