This Week in Twitter

  • I favorited a YouTube video — Pink – I don't believe you #
  • I thought the configuration of WCF is very bad, but they made it even worse in WCF4: #EPIC #FAIL #
  • Silverlight MediaElement has issues playing Icecast streams with AutoPlay=true. Workaround: call Play() manually. #
  • Trinke zum letzten Mal Teekanne's "Wind der Savanne" :( NB: nächstes Lieblingstee rechtzeitig auf Vorrat kaufen #
  • Read the article title and tell me: is your first thought also "it is a joke"? But they are serious… #
  • Modern programming: throwing frameworks and patterns in a bag and shaking it in a hope they magically glue to a solution #
  • The buffer size of Silverlight MediaElement cannot be set below 229396 bytes :( #
  • Wondering why Cache-Control: no-cache isn't called Expire: Immediately #

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